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In line with our commitment to offer innovative investment products, the NSE in partnership with other players launched M-Akiba.
The M-Akiba Bond is the world first retail infrastructure bond to be traded exclusively on the mobile phone. The bond was issued by the Government of Kenya (GoK) to raise money to fund infrastructural projects.

Benefits of the M-Akiba Bond

  • Secure– It is a secure investment product as it is backed by the financial might of the government.
  • Low entry level-The M-Akiba bond offers retail investors a low entry point enabling them invest in Government securities. The entry point for the bond is only Kshs. 3,000/- as the minimum investment
  • Steady Source of Income– M-Akiba provides a steady and reliable source of income as intrest payments are paid every six months.
  • The interest income is tax free– Interest earned on investment on the M-Akiba bond are not subject to tax.
  • Provides an effective way of saving for the future while earning interest.
  • Convenience– M-Akiba provides a convenient way to buy and sell as everything is done using your phone.
  • Guaranteed exit option -That is, you can sell the bond from anywhere within normal trading hours (Weekdays from 9.00am -3.00pm)
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