Self Regulating Organization

NSE as an SRO

Market Regulation

The NSE was recognized by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) as a Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) in July 2016. The NSE carries out its regulatory function through an independent department known as the Regulatory Affairs Department. There exists Chinese walls between the regulatory function and the commercial functions of the NSE both physically and functionally.  Structurally, the NSE regulatory function reports directly to an independent Committee of the Board known as the SRO Committee. This Committee is comprised only of Independent Non-Executive Board Members.


As an SRO, the NSE is the front line regulator complementing the mandate of the CMA of ensuring a fair, orderly and transparent capital market. Below are the key roles of the SRO:

  1. Listings


  • Review of all listing applications.  
  • Approval of listings by introduction on the Growth Enterprise Market Segment (GEMS).


  1. Supervision of Market Participants


  • Monitor compliance by Market Participants with existing capital market laws, regulations and rules.


  • Supervise all Market Participants and to ensure that the day to day management of trading, settlement, delivery and all other activities of the NSE Market Participants are in accordance with the relevant Rules.


  1. Regulation of Issuers/ Listed Companies


  • Monitor compliance of listed companies with the continuing listing obligations and disclosure requirements.


  • Monitor compliance of Exchange Traded Funds with the continuing listing obligations and disclosure requirements.



  1. Market Surveillance and Enforcement


  • Real Time Monitoring of trading activities.


  • Take enforcement action against any Issuer in breach of any of the continuing listing obligations.


  • Reprimand, fine, suspend or expel, or otherwise take disciplinary action against a Market Participant or a Listed Company.


  • Receive, manage and as far as possible, resolve complaints against Market Participants and Issuers.




  1. Derivatives Market Supervision


The SRO is the first line regulator of the Derivatives Market. In this regard, the SRO is mandated with the following responsibilities with regard to the derivatives market:


  • To establish rules to govern the conduct of the NSE Derivatives Members and their clients;


  • To supervise NSE Derivatives Members and markets to ensure their compliance with the applicable NSE Rules;


  • To establish a procedure and appropriate system of exercising self-regulation over the NSE derivatives members.


  • To implement a system of self-regulation with respect to all derivatives members and to ensure that the day to day management of trading, clearing settlement, delivery and all other activities of derivatives brokers, who are its derivatives members, are in accordance with:


  • The NSE regulatory framework in respect of the derivatives exchange approved by the Authority; and


  • Laws, regulations and guidelines relating to derivatives contracts issued by the Authority.


  • To regulate the clearing and settlement operations and systems of the Clearing House.


  • To carry out Market Surveillance, enforce compliance with the NSE Derivatives Market Rules by investigating violations and disciplining Derivatives Members that violate them.


  1. Regulatory Review and Making of Rules


  • Make rules for the carrying out of the SRO functions and, in particular, for the regulation of the NSE activities, products, systems and fees.


  • Recommend to the CMA areas of review to the existing regulatory framework.



For any query, concern or complaint related to:-

  1. Trading activity in one of the NSE markets, including potential market abuse; or
  2. The operation of your account at one of the NSE Market Participant if the Market Participant has not satisfactorily addressed your issue, you may contact the SRO Division on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   providing us with all the relevant information.


Market Summary

Summary as of 03 December 2021
NSE 20 SHARE INDEX 1,839.46
NSE 25 SHARE INDEX 3,533.74
ETF in Units-Total Deals 0.00
ETF Turnover in KES 0.00
FTSE NSE Kenya 15 Index 194.49
FTSE NSE Kenya 25 Index 212.33
FTSE NSE Kenya Govt. Bond Index 96.47
FTSE ASEA Pan African Index 1,139.15
More trading Stats
MARKET CAPITALIZATION (KES billions ) 2,492.52
TOTAL SHARE TRADED 16,707,400.00
EQUITY TURNOVER 679,040,648.00

Market Status

0900 Hrs-0930 Hrs(+3 GMT)Pre-Open
0930 Hrs-0931 Hrs(+3 GMT)Auction
0931 Hrs-1500 Hrs(+3 GMT)Open
1500 Hrs-0900 Hrs(+3 GMT)Close

Market Activity

Top gainers Price(KES) Change(%)
XPRS 4.17
CGEN 35.00
SGL 14.65
KEGN 4.34
LKL 3.90
Top losers Price(KES) Change(%)
UCHM 0.22
SMER 2.77
CTUM 14.35
BRIT 6.94
SCOM 37.05

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