The NSE Investment challenge

The NSE Investment Challenge is an edutainment initiative targeting Kenyan youth who are in tertiary learning institution. These include universities, technical institutes and other post secondary colleges. The Challenge is also open to non-students participants.

The challenge is an online simulation of live trading at the Nairobi Securities Exchange, where each participating group/individual is given a virtual startup capital of 3 Million to invest using the NSE real time information for a period of 3 months. The winner is the team/individual with the highest portfolio value. One can participate as an individual or a group of maximum 4 members from the same institution.


The NSE Investment Challenge is an annual competition supported mainly by the two founding partners - Nairobi Securities Exchange Limited and Smart Youth Investment Limited, however over time we have gotten support from numerous corporate such as NIC Securities and Centum Limited.

 The investment challenge has been in existence for the past 10 years.


The main objectives of the initiative are to impact knowledge on investment in the securities and create a culture of saving and investing in youth. We also aim at enhancing financial management and entrepreneurial skills among the Kenyan youth and create a sense of ownership, loyalty and association with the youth by reaching out to them and by creating a unifying factor, hence enhancing our image. The challenge also creates an avenue of educating the youth on prudent process of investment decision making and risk management.

Who can play

The NSE investment Challenge 2019 is open to any Kenyan youth who is in any tertiary Institution of learning, these include; Universities, Technical schools and other post secondary institutions of learning and non-student participants.

How to participate

For one to participate, you pay a registration fee of Ksh. 200 via Mpesa as follows to the business number 222333, after which you are provided with log in details of your account. Then you log in to the NSE website-  and click on the NSE INVESTMENT CHALLENGE link and complete the registration form by fill in the following details:  Username: Your ID / Passport No (as used in Mpesa payment) Password: Mpesa code.  The participant will then be required to complete the full registration process. Once completed, the participant will get an email showing the password and username they shall use to log in to their virtual account.


  • The challenge is  hosted in The Young Investors Challenge
  • Go to the Investment Challenge Link and log on to your account.
  • Teams should have access to the internet to participate in the challenge. Mobile phones that are internet enabled can also be used.
  • The challenge is 100% web based. It will be fast to play even on slower sites.
  • Each team member shall have their own user name and password to access the team’s account. The password will have already been sent to the participant after registration.



Overall Winners will be determined at the end of the 3 months competition period. The winning portfolios will be evaluated by an audit panel of judges drawn from the following companies:

  • NSE
  • Stock Broker/Investment Banks
  • Betting Control & Licensing Board

We shall use a weighted average method of tallying the winning portfolio as follows:

  • 50% -Highest profits-This is the team with the highest overall portfolio value on the last day of the challenge.
  • 30% Team’s own research -Every time a team buys or sells virtual shares, they will be required to give a reason for the trade. These reasons will be used by judges in their markings.
  • 20% -Discussion forum participation.


  • Cash
  • Internships
  • Certificate of participation
  • Mentorship opportunity


Internships as a prize.

They will be provided by our partners who we shall enter into a legal agreement that they will avail the internship positions once the winners have been declared.
Smart Youth Investments Ltd shall provide a platform for the winners to acquire internship positions with our partners. Please note that no monetary value whatsoever will be received by Smart Youth Investments Ltd from the partners or university students for this prize.


  • Note that this challenge is a stock trading simulation of what happens in the Nairobi Securities Exchange. It is by no means meant to represent the actual happenings of the NSE. Participants should therefore use the challenge only as a learning tool and educational entertainment.
  • The final interpretation of the above rules is at the sole discretion of the challenge coordinators and judges.  Any decision made by the challenge coordinators and judges will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • The challenge coordinators, on matters relating to the challenge, may at their discretion accept, reject or terminate any teams participation, before, during or after the challenge for any reason whatsoever.
  • The challenge coordinator reserves the right to change or amend the rules before, during or after the challenge. Change of rules will be communicated via here or through websites and applied to all the teams equally.
  • Team members should work as a team combining their research knowledge to arrive at joint decision. Any transaction performed by a team member will be assumed to be a collective decision by the team and will be binding on the team.


Market Summary

Summary as of 15 January 2021
NSE 20 SHARE INDEX 1,919.70
NSE 25 SHARE INDEX 3,489.64
ETF in Units-Total Deals 0.00
ETF Turnover in KES 0.00
FTSE NSE Kenya 15 Index 179.70
FTSE NSE Kenya 25 Index 203.72
FTSE NSE Kenya Govt. Bond Index 97.88
FTSE ASEA Pan African Index 997.21
More trading Stats
MARKET CAPITALIZATION (KES billions ) 2,430.39
TOTAL SHARE TRADED 23,850,600.00
EQUITY TURNOVER 773,012,986.00

Market Status

0900 Hrs-0930 Hrs(+3 GMT)Pre-Open
0930 Hrs-0931 Hrs(+3 GMT)Auction
0931 Hrs-1500 Hrs(+3 GMT)Open
1500 Hrs-0900 Hrs(+3 GMT)Close

Market Activity

Top gainers Price(KES) Change(%)
EVRD 1.19
TPSE 17.00
OCH 2.39
NSE 8.50
KNRE 2.64
Top losers Price(KES) Change(%)
SASN 17.80
SMER 3.16
XPRS 3.31
HAFR 0.36
UCHM 0.24

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