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Trading of Securities

The USP provides a world class electronic platform for the issuance, holding, trading and settlement of securities of unquoted companies.

Trading of Securities

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About the USP

The Unquoted Securities Platform (USP) is an automated solution for the issuance and trading of securities of unquoted companies. The platform offers world class trading infrastructure and information services as well as enables company’s access capital markets for long term funding through private placements and restricted offers.

The USP is a product of the Nairobi Securities Exchange NSE LLP, a fully owned subsidiary of the Nairobi Securities Exchange NSE PLC. The USP will be governed by a Management Committee appointed by the Board of the NSE PLC to oversee the daily operations of the USP and consists of senior representatives of the NSE PLC.

Escrow Financial Services Limited is the technology provider on the USP. It is a versatile FinTech company with experience in providing a range of technology solutions and related services within the capital markets and the broader financial sector.

The USP is governed by the USP Operational Guidelines that provides a framework for issuers, trading participating agents as well as other stakeholders with critical detailed information on the rules that govern the separate parties. The Operational Guidelines of the USP are enforceable by the NSE LLP through the Management Committee.

Benefits of the USP

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Quoted Companies

Acorn Holdings Limited D-REIT

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Acorn Holdings Limited I-REIT

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